Vancouver next week

I’m going to the Association of Internet Researchers conference up in Vancouver next week (Oct 17-20).  Any restaurants I should hit?  Other than Chinatown, that is.  🙂

I’ll try to live blog it.  We’ll see…

One thought on “Vancouver next week”

  1. This seafood dim sum place is wonderful, way better than any of that crappy Seattle dim sum: Imperial

    My favorite sushi place in Vancouver is Aki at 745 Thurlow. It has the ambiance of a Tokyo hole-in-the wall; they also have a grill.

    The most famous sushi place (perhaps most famous in the world) is Tojo’s. I think it’s pretty good; the Golden Roll is fantastic. I think that it may be that the omakase, though most famous, is somewhat hit-or-miss; I think if I go back I’ll be ordering a la carte.

    Vij’s Indian restaurant is also pretty famous; some people loved it, but they say it varies a lot in quality. It’s fusiony and inventive; they don’t take reservations. (I wasn’t blown away by it, but maybe my taste buds were affected by the slight cold I had).

    There’s a good Shanghainese (I think) place on Robson but I have no idea what the name is… let me know if you want me to try to figure out how to find it.

    Gyu has good Japanese izakaya ambiance, although none of the food is spectacular.

    This might be good: . I’m probably going to go to the Toronto one.

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