Tabula Rasa’s Ethical Parables – Kotaku

Dev Diary: Tabula Rasa’s Ethical Parables – Kotaku

Kotaku shared the “essay” a Tabula Rasa dev wrote about the ethical decisions in the upcoming MMOG.  I sure hope they do it well.  Richard Garriot has a big name to live up to.  I wonder if there is some sort of reputation system with monetary or loot rewards for ethical choices or if it is completely left to players to value intangibles.  Let’s say an unethical choice gives you the best loot.  How does someone instill a sense of value for the intangibles that make up for lesser loot?  I suppose some sort of marker or flag or reputation system without tangible rewards might be enough…  the community of players would need to be rich or big enough or whatever to support that sort of rep system.

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