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Pop Cosmopolitanism and the Terra Nova post

First off, Constance and her folk at the U of Wisc-Madison started a blog about learning in virtual worlds.  Obviously, lots of cross-over with some of the stuff I’m trying to do.  I wonder how they collect and analyze data and whether I should try to collaborate/share my data with them…

We also have in recent games news the announcement of Metaplace (via an email from Joey Lee and a post at Terra Nova), Raph Koster’s new big work.  As far as I can tell, kind of like Second Life except that it is even more open and flexible for user generated content and that the tools for making content is specifically geared toward making games (so one would assume rules and goals factor in there somehow unlike with Second Life).  Alice, as usual, has a nice write-up about Metaplace.

Lee Wilson posted his article about the Myths About Video Games In School.

And Richard Carey has a nice post about Games and Web 2.0.

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