My cousin Lee-Hom is in the new Ang Lee movie

He’s looking dapper.

Lee-Hom in Lust, Caution

Se, jie (2007)

[Edit 3/1/08: joke about him helping me and Robin with getting a new car removed, because obviously I was kidding… but it seems kind of weird to just remove it without saying that I removed it.  I had done so for about a day but then, out of curiosity, I went to look at my blog stats and noticed where all these new people have found my blog post about Lust, Caution.  I can’t read Chinese, so I threw the url into a translater (thanks again, Google!) and saw that someone made mention of my joke… so out of archival purposes, I threw this note in here.  🙂 ]

11 thoughts on “My cousin Lee-Hom is in the new Ang Lee movie”


  2. honestly.. i dont like lust, caution.. haha the story was okay.. but the scene.. hehe dont kinda like it.. and thank God.. it wasnt another brokeback mountain.. hahaha

  3. I love how this blog posting gets the most comments…
    Uh, thanks guys! I hope you take the time to read about me and my interests and critical game theory. 😛

  4. hope to see you someday~ since we’re both interested in education!
    by the way, can you speak Chinese? I mean affluent Mandarin.

  5. I think you mean “fluent” not “affluent.” 🙂

    Anyway, my Mandarin is so-so. It was my first language, but my parents switched to speaking English in the home when I was 5 so that I could compete with the other American kids.

    Wo kayee jiang yi dian dian. Hua ting de dong if you speak slow enough.

  6. that’s great! and I think we can talk in FLUENT manderin someday about Chinese education, in FLUENT english on American educaition;with to talk with you~!
    and so sorry for my mistake of using the wrong adjective, but I do like the work AFFLUENT since I need it if one day I become a writer~!

    can you guess who I am or will be!

    see ya~!

  7. sorry again, correction: with–wish, work-word

    since your english is more fluent than mine and my chinese is more affluent than yours, let’s pardon each other’s mistake or inferiority as long as we can understand each other.

    and say hello to your cousin, I mean not the above one, but the other two~!


  8. Or maybe you’re a college of ed student… That’s cool!——psychological education– that’s one of my studies now and I think it will be my field in future~! do you have some suggestion? many thanks~!

    Or maybe you’re related to me??———————-no, I won’t tell you, but you can ask your cousin oh~! this time the above one~, but not the other two~!


    anyway, it’s my pleasure to know and talk with you all~ if one day there is a chance~!

    best regards~!

  9. hei, mark, in the future if we have a chance to meet and talk with each other, I wish to know your topic and some idea on your dissertation; may I have a read on yours since I need to compose mine if I go on my doctorate in psychological education or women’s education field(s)?

    thanks, again~!

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