New glasses for really cheap

So two years ago we couldn’t afford new glasses for me for the prices we were seeing in the mall and at local boutiques (hah!), and I ended up ordering a pair from Zenni Optical for $40. That’s including shipping! They give you instructions for how to measure you pupil distance which you have to include along with your prescription. Their selection is amazingly good, and today it is even better. I had an eye appointment two weeks ago, and when we went to the mall I remembered how expensive glasses are (even with insurance), so I hopped online again. Got two pairs this time. For $80! Nice. Even their titanium frames are really affordable. I don’t think they have anything over $50 including lenses. Wow. Now, I gotta find a contact lens place for cheap…

3 thoughts on “New glasses for really cheap”

  1. Hmm…going to have to keep this place in mind. Normally I use the 1.67 index lenses. 1.57 can’t be all that different, can they?

    Hey, have you ever looked at perscription swim goggles? At one point I found some with a -8.00 correction for

  2. okay…so this forum doesn’t like some characters…
    i meant to say i found them for less than 20 dollars.

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