From a conversation with Isaac 3rd week in July

  1. are we blinded by our proximity to digital culture? this whole participation thing… are we just seeing a small pocket of resistance and social mobility of a larger society?
  2. Isaac mentioned that a Marxist take would be that the larger social structure is a certain way and there’ve always been sites of democratic mini-systems but the overall structure is the same. Neo-liberal capitalist society is like that; it’s a contradiction. In order to have structure it has to allow a certain degree of freedom.
  3. progressive education needs to include both process and content; it can’t treat them as divorced from each other. In terms of new literacy, people not only need to read and write new texts but they have to understand the texts and the political ideologies at work.

From a conversation with Dennis

  1. difference between empathy and sympathy… on a scale with apathy and antipathy?
  2. do these match up with Nel Noddings’ ethics of care as opposed to rational individually based motivations?
  3. people are motivated either out of fear or love… same thing?
  4. religious identities or any identities are assumed and latched onto by certain people who do not question their beliefs
  5. America should be more like The Simpsons in terms of forgiveness rather than persecution of those at fault
  6. “The first step is admitting we have a problem.” – Dennis

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