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So, I finally moved my blog over to my hosted domain.  I mostly did this so I could install some cool widgets and other code into the page.  I got side-tracked by all the cool themes I could install and check out.  I think I like this one.

Also, I figured out how to use my bookmarks as my blogroll/links list, but in order to make it categorized, I had to arbitrarily tag some of them as “misc” which of course doesn’t help the collective social network at all.  Ah well…

Now that works, though, I’m going to have to start using it more.  😛

I think I will bookmark more permanent links there and share newsy stuff using the Google Reader widget.  Neat!

Up next, I need to install itty Bitty RPG.  🙂

Oh and with this blog move, I was able to resurrect the old Chang’s Mongolian Grill Posse posts though I was unable to retain who authored each one.  Now I have to fix my links so they all work…  bleh.

And, finally, know what’s crazy?  Within 3 hours of installing this WordPress blog, I had 75 spam comments awaiting moderation.  Wow.

One thought on “blog migration”

  1. I find that SpamKarma2 does a great job of filtering spam for me while letting legit comments through.

    Once a week I do a quick check of all the comments it’s filtered, look for any that were marginal according to it’s scoring system (it color codes them), and checks to see if any of them were legitimate. I’ve only had a handful of false positives.

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