GLS day 3 (the aftermath)

I’ve been meaning to post photos from Saturday in Madison soon… this space reserved.

[Edited Thursday… finally!]

So, after a night of way too much beer…. (and I should note that when I say way too much I mean our tables had 2 pitchers courtesy of Kurt too much which basically went undrunk… undrunken.. undrinked…? whatever. and NOT that I had way too much beer since as most of my friends know, I don’t really drink beer.)

Anyway, after a night of way too much beer for our tables, Moses and I walked to his place (partly alongside Kurt and Josh). When we got there, we were setting up the air mattress and stuff when his roommate entered (about 2:30-3:00 AM) with not one, but TWO women he had picked up or something… they went to his room and he came out to the kitchen to fix up a cocktail once they got settled. While passing us on his way to the kitchen he said something like, “holy shit.” Whispered incredulously. This was a proper time to use “holy shit” if any, I thought. We figured he was implying that he was just about to do what many men fantasize about. Ha.

Ok, so I digress from the trip to Madison. You’re probably more interested in hearing about the arts fair the next day. πŸ˜›

I woke up at 7:30 to meet up with Jen at 9 and have breakfast at a place called the Sunroom Cafe on State St. I had a breakfast burrito; she had a stack of three pancakes but only ate one. πŸ™‚ I think both of us were sort of feeling, “bleh… too early.”

After breakfast, I walked up State back over to the capitol and checked out the arts fair that was well underway. Here’re some photos…





After walking around the capitol with the huge crowd (where I think most people were concentrating on staying with the herd, all going the same direction, not stepping on toes and heels of people around us that we weren’t really paying attention to the art…) for a bit, I got thirsty and saw someone with a strawberry smoothie. So I stopped at a booth and got one myself. It was the worst smoothie ever. Mostly water. I could say more, but meh.

I got bored so I called Shawna to see what she was doing. As it turns out, she was walking around the capitol with some friends and was going to go to a ball game later with them. I didn’t feel like doing the walkabout again, so instead I gave Moses a call to see if he was up yet. (bout 11 now)

He was and we met up to get lunch though neither of us was hungry. It was a pizza place of which I forget the name, but it was really good crust. Seattle needs more pizza places like the one we went to in Madison. Unfortunately, since I was totally not hungry, I only ate three bites. πŸ™

Afterwards, we walked over to the waterfront and checked out the view (of the lake and the bikinis). Nice day, really. We passed an apartment building which used to be an old school. That was pretty cool looking.

moses wolfenstein


All in all, a really laid back day of rest and recovery after the whirlwind 2 days at the Games Learning Society conference. He gave me a ride to the airport (in which I saw Jen, Liz, and Lane again). I took a photo of Madison from the plane…

aerial of madison

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