GLS day 2, evening

After the conference was over, I met up with Moses to drop my stuff off at his place since he kindly offered an air mattress for me to crash on for the night. BTW, ladies, Moses is the man. Guys, you too should know; Moses is like the coolest man in the world.

Anyway, a bunch of folks went off to some party but Moses and I happened to meet up with a guy named Josh Diaz before Moses had to take off for said party. So, I ended up hanging out with Josh, walking around the capitol talking, and having dinner with him at The Old Fashioned.

Old Fashioned house burger

I forgot to take a photo of dinner, but here’s an image someone else took of the same menu item, The Old Fashioned House Burger. It was amazing. Perfectly cooked medium, with two thick crispy strips of bacon, smoked cheddar (good cheddar–but I’m a cheeseburger snob), and a medium cooked egg–not too runny, not too dry. The egg added a surprising complexity and binding flavor to the whole affair, making for possibly the best burger I’ve ever had. I’ve had egg on burger before, but previously it was greasy as all hell. This time it was fantastic.

If you read the account from the website I found with the image, however, they felt otherwise. Also, I didn’t like the fries much, again, unlike the folks who wrote the review… so maybe take it with a grain of salt. /shrug

Anyway, Josh is an amazing fellow. He went to St. John’s College and it seems he got a lot out of it and is very well read, esp. wrt western philosophy and humanities. He’s entering the Comparative Media Studies at MIT this year and will be studying with Henry Jenkins. How crazy shit lucky is that? Well, with Josh, luck has nothing to do with it, I’m sure.

josh diaz and david white

After dinner, we wandered around the capitol some more, checking out all the tents being set up and the blockades and stuff that was going on that evening in preparation for an annual arts fair this weekend. Man, whoever chose when GLS was chose very well. Free concert Wednesday night and free arts fair Saturday. That was pretty awesome.

While wandering around we bumped into David White from the UK, and he and Josh proceeded to talk a lot while I hung out and listened and then took a phone call. Check out Dave’s presentation abstract at GLS. Wow; that’s eerie. I should read Dave’s blog postings now. Ya think?

After Dave left, Josh and I met up with Moses who was back from his party and we headed to the Essen Haus to meet up with a bunch of other peeps from the conference. Lots of photos follow…

erica halverson and eric zimmerman

Erica Halverson and Eric Zimmerman.

matt and moses wolfenstein

Matt and Moses.

josh diaz and ben devane

Josh and Ben DeVane.

mark chen chris holden and kurt squire

Me, Chris Holden, and Kurt Squire.

chris holden and shree durgan

Chris Holden and Shree Durgan.

shawna kelly and josh diaz

Shawna Kelly and Josh again.

dave simkins and shawna kelly

Dave Simkins and Shawna.

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