GLS night 1, dinner and a party

Dinner at the Overture Center for the Arts was fun! I met Rebecca Black, Bill Tomlinson (whose EcoRaft project I posted about earlier), Dana and her friend from Florida but originally from France so he had a cool accent, and a couple of other people whose names I’ve forgotten already (again, though I think they were Greg and William, and one of them knows Beth Kolko pretty well…).


dinner group1.jpg

dinner group2.jpg

dinner group3.jpg

Jen, Bill, and Rebecca up there ^.

After dinner there was this guy who was doing the whole Star Wars episode 4 as a one-man musical. I’ve heard about this. Not sure if it was Charles Ross, but here’s a short video I took of it. It was clever but too loud and I think a lot of the people felt it was too cheesy for the audience. He cleared the room, but in his defense, they started serving really good ice cream on the other end, so lots of people got up to wait in line for it. While in line I met Bert Snow from Muzzy Lane. That was cool.

After dinner, a bunch of TerrorNovans went over to the university and WoWed it up. It was great! I met a whole bunch of people for the first time: Dan Hunter, Dan Norton, Julian Dibbell, David Simkins, etc. Fun! Any sort of weirdness about me talking with semi-celebrities/new people is pretty much gone. They are all really nice people! Makes me wonder if playing games should be mandatory between people from different backgrounds.

Here’s a photo but if you want to see them all, download the zip files of the LAN party and of the Level 1 raid party to Stormwind/Northshire. Also, check out Julian’s Flickr stream. 😛


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