Games Learning Society Conference and other news

Man, I haven’t posted an update on my personal life in a while…

1. I got a new adviser, Phil Bell, and along with that, a temp summer RA position doing video editing work. My old adviser, Jen Stone, left UW to go to Alaska to be with someone she met through WoW! ๐Ÿ™‚

2. Tomorrow I leave for Madison, WI, for the Games Learning Society conference.

I’ll be presenting a version of my WoW paper on communication and coordination there as part of a panel about different gaming communities. Others in the panel are Laurie McCarthy, Reed Stevens, and Jen Stone with Tom Satwicz acting as the respondent. It should be totally fun.

After a couple of months of trying to wrangle floor space at some grad student’s place (because I’m leechy and po like that), I gave up and got room at the University of Wisconsin’s accommodations for visiting scholars. But I also had to reserve a room in a hotel for Friday since UW didn’t have room. BUT then Moses Wolfenstein responded to an email I sent out to the TerrorNova guild, and now I am actually staying with him! I then had to cancel my bookings. I guess I shoulda just waited and trusted that things would fall into place. Or something. Or maybe I am being a total pain in the ass and just don’t know it.

I plan to take lots of photos and write up how the conference went on here, so check back next week.

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