So, I went to Las Vegas this past weekend for a mini-con or gathering of some of my guild members. 🙂

It was great to meet some of them for the first time. We stayed at the Excalibur (which features tons of dragon-themed paraphernalia even though I don’t remember a single dragon in the Arthurian Tales) and, of course, we checked out the Tournament of Kings show which featured armored dudes jousting and fighting each other with swords, maces, flails, and shields. DRAGON! DRAGON! Huzzah!

The rest of the time was spent eating (breakfast buffet at Mandolay Bay was pretty good), gambling (I just watched mostly, but Craps and Roulette looked fun), playing card games (San Juan and Lost Cities), watching a pilot for a TV show called Chuck (about a directionless nerd who is sent an email that imprints on his brain the totality of the CIA’s secrets and actually pretty good in how it parodies at popular culture), going to an arcade (Gameworks, where almost all the shooter games had broken guns), and hanging out at the pool (where it was 3 feet deep everywhere which makes it rather difficult to actually swim and means that the 4 lifeguards were just there to make sure the drunkards didn’t do something made only possible by being drunk).

Anyway, fun all around!

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