Winter break!

My last Fall quarter related meeting was this morning. Helped a couple of TEP student-teachers out with video stuff and WebQuests at Cupcake Royale/Cafe Verite… What’s funny is that since Denise, another TA/instructor, was there, too, and we were all working on laptops (I think this is the reason), a photographer for the local neighborhood paper (Ballard News Tribune) came by and asked if she could take photos of us working on our computers… Apparently for a story about blogging and Internet cafes. 🙂

Anyway! It’s officially winter break for me now, and I can finally catch up on some non-class/non-teaching stuff. First thing I did was work on my paper and submit it to a journal. We’ll see…

Now I just have to submit presentation proposals to a bunch of conferences…

And… get T-shirts for HW ordered. Look good?

Harsh Winter T-shirt idea

Anyone who knows where I can get shirts like that made, let me know, pls!

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