Whew! almost lost my cell phone.. just in time!

Last night I was surfing the web (mostly Letstalk.com) for a new cell phone plan since ours is due to expire in Dec. I’ve been thinking of getting a plan that features more web browsing or Java apps than our current one (and of course new phones to go with). This is mostly due to the fact that I’ve switched everything over to gmail, google calendar, google everything… and I saw a week or so ago that gmail now has a mobile phone app one could download so long as they have a supported phone and carrier…

Anyway…. been looking at Verizon and the Motorola Q and the Motorola Krzr. Only problem is that Verizon isn’t supported by google’s gmail app! But I would still be able to just browse to the simplified version thru the web… So, if I wanted the app to work, I think I would stick with our current Cingular plan but add data features and get a new phone… not sure which phone to get though. And, of course, not even sure I would use the features THAT much since I’ll be getting Opera for my DS Lite in Jan and will be able to get my google stuff anywhere there’s wifi.

But back to why I posted… ironically, maybe subconsciously, I lost my phone on the bus this morning. Realized it while I was walking through Red Square and then ran across campus to a later bus stop for the 44 and caught up with it, and, lo an behold, the driver gave me my phone after playing 20 questions. Whew! I still have 2 months on this sucker!

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