how to get a PhD at UW CoE step-by-step

So, the process to get a PhD here in the College of Ed at UW follows a bunch of steps. They say these steps are in the student manual, but the manual was vague as to a timeline… It was rewritten over the summer but I haven’t looked at it yet…
But anyway, here’s the deal for all you newbies! (may want to see the various forms you can download and the student manual…)

1. Take a bunch of classes:

  • PhD students have to take EDLPS 525/526 their first year
  • the other courses are dependent on your program
  • they should include at least one research methods class (most people seem to us Qualitative Methods of Ed Research)
  • you need to take a few in your major concentration, then you need to also take courses that match some other areas of interest (called cognates)

2. At some point you’ll want to apply for Prospective Candidacy. In some programs you have to submit some form or other and I think say who your committee will be and get them to sign-off on your course work thus far. In others you can do this before forming your committee.

3. Form your committee (noting the above…).

3. Conduct a year-long research project (a lot of folks do this while taking their research methods class) and write a paper of your findings. This is called the Research and Inquiry paper/project.

  • You’ll want to share this as early as possible with your advisor who will suggest some revisions before you can use it.
  • Remember to actually sign up for the presentation schedule with the Office of Student Services rm 206 and give them a copy of your paper, too.
  • Submit the revised paper to your committee members.
  • Give a presentation on your paper.

4. Assuming that went well you are now a PhD Candidate!

Now it gets fuzzy since I haven’t done these next steps yet…

5. Take the general exams (be sure to let the Graduate School that you will be taking them during the quarter that you will be…).

6. Submit a dissertation proposal.

7. Do research and write your dissertation.

8. Oral exams?

Anyhoo… as is probably clear, this ain’t clear at all.

But I just finished my R+I on Friday and feel great!

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