Games, Summer ‘06

Well, the summer is over. What do I have to show for it? Other than some Teacher Education Program work, I played a lot of games. Heh.

I got into two main genres of games. One is my continual love of adventure games. This summer, I played 6 Nancy Drew games (haha yeah… some of them were pretty good, some not so much). Right now I’m playing Runaway: A Road Adventure with Robin and Broken Sword 4 on my own. Unfortunately, I really wanted to play Broken Sword 3 but could never get it to work on my computer.

Runaway is an odd game, but I think it ultimately fails in a lot of ways, most notably the sheer lack of research done by the developers about the settings they were portraying and crazy non-sensical physics displayed in the game. When I saw that we were going to go to Chicago and visit the natural history museum… well for some reason, I guess I’m crazy for thinking this, I thought we were going to check out the awesome Field Museum of Natural History which is basically a HUGE deal in Chicago and the museum world. It has amazing architecture and is located in a nice park area dedicated to civic improvements. Instead, we were funneled into some generic building. It was obvious the artists had never been to Chicago or at least that they just didn’t care.. or something. The same was true for their depiction of UC Berkeley at the end of the game. Ah well… It was also crazy of me to think, maybe, that their depiction of a catapult would be true to life in that heavier objects wouldn’t be shot as far as lighter objects… but nooooo… Newton’s Laws be damned. This was especially offensive since the main character was going to grad school in physics. Also, no fault of the developers, two of the characters were voiced by the same person who voices Nancy Drew. That was just coincidental weird.

Broken Sword 4, so far, has been excellent. Revolution has always made great games.

The other big genre I got into was space flight sims. I love this genre. But meh. See one of my previous post on some of my disappointments.

Also, some guildmates came up to visit (see the photos from that visit over on the right of this page) and we played a bunch of board games and a card game named Bang! Great game.

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