AERA conference

So, I’ve been sending my paper on cooperation in WoW to various people. I was also thinking of submitting it to AERA, the annual big conference for educational researchers, but I figured… I can’t afford going and they probably wouldn’t accept the submission anyway. The deadline was August 1.

On the morning of August 1, Constance Steinkuehler emails me and asks if I want to be part of a panel on virtual worlds in a SIG at AERA! The other panelists would be her, Lisa Galarneau, and Thomas Malaby, with Kurt Squire as the discussant. hahah… Of course! The networking alone is totally worth it. Luckily for us the deadline for submission to SIGs was August 2.

So I spent the next two days writing an abstract and sending it to her and then revising after she revised.

Anyway, we submitted it fine, but it turns out that Constance cites my abstract in her abstract… Only she says “Chan” rather than “Chen.” I hope it isn’t too late to fix. Ah well… I find it funny that *she* has the hard to spell name and *my* name is the one that gets misspelled.

Now we wait to see if it gets accepted. I assume if it does, we’ll have a chance to update the abstracts at that point.

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