Dr. Bill Winn passed away… :(

Though he was not my advisor, I received the most advice from him. He treated me with the same respect whether I was a masters student or a doc student, and he genuinely cared about my progress even though it had no relation to his own career.

Think about that for a sec. Some of the people I’ve met on campus, I don’t think I could say the same thing about. I wish more professors would use Bill as an example and take the time to care about students, even ones who barely know them, whose lives they have a profound effect on.

It was through a meeting with Bill Winn that made me certain that UW was for me. Now? Not so certain.

2 thoughts on “Dr. Bill Winn passed away… :(”

  1. hi Mark — I just wanted to say that i just heard the news and it’s really, really shocking. I met Bill as a young graduate student and was immediately affected by his friendliness, warmth, and generally the good vibe he projects. He also is one of the people who gave me hope that I could succeed in the field. Particularly when I was just finishing my PhD and starting an identity in the field… he treated me with a sort of respect that meant a lot… it’s hard to explain but I always found him so kind. Anyway, this is both shocking and disturbing. I hope that you guys out there are holding it together…

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