Comaraderie an important part of effective teamwork?

Last week we had some loot drama during one of our MC runs. I noticed that during the evening people weren’t joking around with each other like we usually do. I think several of us were feeling under the weather or dealing with stress from “real life” issues. It all came together and resulted in a funky raid, which simmered throughout the night, finally reaching a boiling point by manifesting itself as loot drama.

Part of my looking at coordination and cooperation was to include the usual stuff like negotiating roles, effective communication, situational awareness, group stuff… you know…

But this thing… this funky feeling. I think it might be important. If it happens again, is all that is needed to fix it some joking around? And if it does happen again, do I sit back and let it to see if it IS a pattern or do I break the silence and try to lighten things up because I’m a gamer who wants a good experience? Interesting.

[Edit June 24] I ended up writing a paper on comaraderie and teamwork in WoW!

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