things to do

Here’s my list of things to do:

1. write about ethnography in an online game.. and get really nitty gritty

2. post my writings about adventure games

3. put up an annotated transcript from MC or Onyx so people can see how complex things are

4. write an article about games and coordination in games FOR gamers

I’m going to let go of my fears, instilled by academics, that I shouldn’t publish anything other than finished stuff. If you take one of these ideas and do it, that’s great! My version will be different than yours and we can share data.

One thought on “things to do”

  1. What could be interesting about the transcripts is to show several channels of chat in parallel (presuming you listen to multiple channels). Each column would be the text from a different channel and the rows would be the time. The further down you go, the further into the fight we are. You could compare the amount of chatter on each channel and the depth of coordination.

    From personal experience I’ve found the healing channel to be the most active as they often require the most coordination. Other channels have more talk before the fight starts then they quiet down and do their jobs. And finally there’s the various cheering and congrats that come when the encounter is completed. It could be interesting to see them all in parallel and chronologically laid out.

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