collecting data officially

A week and a half ago I finally received approval from human subjects for my research study looking at how players communicate and coordinate and cooperate in World of Warcraft. It took 3 months for the approval, but is well worth the effort. The hang up was me recording voice chat that the raids I go on use. I’ll be recording text and voice chat for our Majordomo and Ragnaros fights in MC, for our Onyxia runs, and for Harsh Winter’s new raid into ZG. I’m only looking at the end guys for MC because our raid has routinized the other bosses, and I’m mostly looking at how a raid improves over a month. I’m really excited about ZG, actually, because for most of our guildies, high-end raiding is a new thing. I can see from the get-go how we divvy out roles and figure out strats that cater to our particular raid make-up. Fun!

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