Democratic National Convention

Greetings all… So they say that the world is watching the DNC, but I had to go to the Comcast network to see anything prior to Bill and Hillary’s speech. It was a shame, because former-President Jimmy Carter delivered an intelligent, insightful, and inspiring speech (meanwhile, NBC showed Fear Factor). Carter, looking good at 80 years, is still eligible to serve another term – sign him up!

I was a little nervous about watching the DNC, because Kerry looked like an idiot on ESPN’s baseball tonight on Sunday – talking about the DH and what team Clemens should claim as he takes his place in the Hall of Fame. (At least Kerry got a high-five out of Millar after that dinger…) But in the end, it was pretty good television, and the Democrats looked like a unified group with positive message. Eventually, the Clintons came to play, and former-President Billiam put on a good show. Hillary was decent, but she didn’t deliver a “Presidential-level” speech. I don’t think that she has the charisma to be a viable candidate in 4 years (assuming the worst), and she may be too old 8 years from now… William J. started slow, but I think he finished on a strong note. He might have bashed the current President more than the Kerry campaign would like, but I think he did an excellent job blatantly reminding America who Bush’s policies are designed to help and how. I wonder if Teddy Kennedy will be able to match the intensity and message delivered by the two former Presidents last night…

Did anyone else see it?

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