Six Flags & Wedding Celebrations…

Mark & Robin: I hope that your wedding reception was a success on Monday! I’m sorry that I couldn’t be there to hang out with you guys. I hope that Schrag honored my absence with several misplaced comments in poor taste, as that’s what I would have done. I also have to ask (based on last week’s posts) how many cars Woo-Hah tried to “borrow” over the weekend to help people out, perhaps he could have served as the valet (a la Ferris Bueller, no doubt).

KT and I celebrated in our own way (yesterday) by spending the day at Six Flags New England in “glorious” western Massachusetts. It was a pretty nice day, and we spent just over 9 hours at the park. We mostly stuck to roller coasters (KT’s favorite), but we also spent a few hours at the water park (my favorite). Here’s what we rode, in order:

  • Flashback (not a good ride to “warm-up” on)
  • Cyclone (I like these old wooden coasters, they’re kind)
  • Blizzard River (longest line of the day)
  • Thunderbolt (another wooden coaster, but smaller)
  • Scream (200 ft. straight up, then down. Terrifying.)
  • Mind Eraser (the picture at right says it all)
  • Batman (just kept my eyes closed, focused on survival)”>Superman after all that physical and emotional abuse, plus it was after 9:00 pm and the line was pretty long. Of course, it’s supposedly one of the best rollercoasters in the country, but I’m sure that the person that believes that is also comfortable taking a 208 ft. drop at 80 mph. I am not.

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