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Well put Mark. I agree that the ends/means debate is worth mentioning, and I fear the many have already found the answer. I had a much longer post in mind at that time, but opted to go the short route of the instigator as I was, and am still, not sure of how to bring up my thoughts.

As for the laughing at people being killed; that’s also do to the voyeristic and desensitizing nature of modern media coverage of war. They are happy to show you things blowing up where people are hardly visible, but they shield the american populace from the devastation to bodies. I would wonder if the same people that laugh at those images of destruction were incredibly indignant at the sight of our dead on TV? I wouldn’t be surprised. There’s a book called ‘On Killing’ that addresses the issue of the perception of violence here in the US. I can bring that too if my brain works properly. Interesting read. Actaully talks more about military programs to overcome the unwillingness to kill that most of us have (almost said ‘suffer from,’ heh). Ultimately, there is a suggestion that the practices and effects have spilled over, like the widespread adoption of euphamisms for killing. A fuel air bomb kills at close range with an intense heat and pressure wave. Those unfortunate enough to be farther away get to be lit on fire or otherwise severly burned, and hit with high speed debris. But the best effect is the rupturing or otherwise turning inside out of your organs by the negative pressure of the vaccum that must be filled after the fireball. They don’t talk about that. The MOAB is just cool eh? I love explosions as much as the next man, and as I mentioned before, I identify with my team, but I’m not a cheerleader of pointless killing.

My opposition to the war is multifold; obviously that the rest of the world doesn’t agree is of concern, as is the lack of Iraqi threats to the US, as the lying to the american populace, as is the ominous precedent… But yet another thing that I find dubious is the supossed humanitarian angle. I am aware that thousands of people in Iraq have been living what must be an unimaginably shitty life, but therin lies the key. I, and I’d have to say that most of the US, actually don’t care about he plight the average Iraqi and hence we haven’t spent time trying to be informed enough imagine it. Practically speaking, since nobody here really knew jack shit about what was going on over there, why the hell are we going to kill and be killed for something that isn’t even worthwhile enough for people to have been informed about 3 years ago? Humanitarian sympathies? Come on. So now, we have these people extolling the virtues of liberating the Iraqi people, but if we all jump on the ‘feel good’ bandwagon, we’re going to be invading a good portion of the world, if we take the time to read about any of it.

Would I support the ‘liberation’ of the Iraqi people if a quality of life was an assured outcome? No. Would you? Kinda a random jumble of half thoughts, but anyway…

As for the weekend. I can do something later on Sunday, that would be best. I’ll call you tomorrow late afternoon/ evening when I get down there.

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