For a while there my life was pretty exciting. I thought I was getting a free ticket to China. I hear the Asian food is pretty authentic there. I guess I’ll just have to be content with sampling every single bowl of changs that passes through my hands. It’s for your own good Chris. You gotta keep slim to entice Benny.

Bummer about the HLSD job Brandon. Pretty ridiculous that your half sister’s nationality had such an effect. I wonder if this kind of discrimination is prevalent in other areas besides government related jobs. An enrollment drop in middle school French classes for instance.

Onto other bad news, I just found out that my brother broke his leg in a motorcycle accident while on vacation in Mexico. Made me a bit queasy to hear about it. I wonder if motorcycles are more dangerous than bicycling…on a per mile basis?

Well, I’m biking back to the Ski Cabin tomorrow morning. I came down to sign a settlement with OHP (Oregon Health Plan). They jacked me a few years back by dropping all my coverage because I had Reed health insurance. I did some research, asked some questions and found some really stupid and shady policies used by OHP. If you have Health insurance, OHP will not give you dental…even if you are dirt poor. If you were insured in the last 6 months, no dice. Since a reed student must have insurance to be at reed, no Reed student can get on the OHP unless they take a semester off and live without insurance. I found that other poor Reed students have had unsuccessful dealings with OHP. The rules are shady because when OHP applied for federal funding, some of their rules were not in the charter. I won’t bore you with the details but I somehow ended up with a federally funded lawyer for the poor, who tried but could not get me back on the OHP. As a result of my intervention, OHP has made these stupid rules legit by reapplying for federal funding with these new regulations added. They are going to reimburse me my health care cost for the last two years when I should have been on OHP. I feel like they owe every person who was rejected on the basis of those shady rules but that’s probably not going to happen.

Looking at the bigger picture, I can see that OHP did this to cut down the number of people on the OHP. The problem is that OHP does not have enough funds….which leads one to ask…where’s all the freakin’ money going? Not to health care for the poor and not to public schools.

Mark, I can see the attraction of looking beyond our borders. Are you serious about moving to Canada? What about all the prep work you did? I guess one shouldn’t worry about sunk costs. Going to UW to justify the prep work is a pretty dumb argument.

Gotta get some sleep or Le Mon Hood will eat me up.

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