random spam

I’ve been reading your guys’ discussion with interest; I’m not ready to post my thoughts just now…but I do want to transcribe part of a song. My apologies for those of you to whom this is spam:

“Clockin knowledge means I’m weaponless
Don’t you step to this, I send Pharoah messages
like Moses takin my people on an exodus,
we on the run; I split the M-I-C open
kids try to follow but get swallowed in the ocean
creature of the truth, families we make a mockery
Ain’t no stoppin’ me, I fulfill all prophecies
Similar to David with the rock I slingshot
<> warrior, plus I’m ill with the poetry
You know it’s me, but you still can’t catch this
Put Silla on the mic, I lose heads like John the Baptist
when I rap this wack emcees feel the rapture,
I’m that fugitive style that your brain couldn’t capture
ever since the beginning of time, that’s to me like
‘That’s the first day, I wrote my first rhyme’
I’m still writing, I see you lookin’ at em
Don’t even think about bitin’
forbidden poetries of life, dig these
Yo ass couldn’t hide from me with fig leaves….”

-Binary Star, “Masters of the Universe”

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