Picture of the year

These are worth looking at even if one is not inclined to vote. The world is such a diverse place, it’s so easy to get pigeon holed though… This obviously isn’t a shining star in the pusuit to illustrate that point, but a nice packaged glimpse at what I know I sometimes overlook.

In other super exciting news, I found that I can get rates of $.0175 per min for a half million minutes a month to the UK! This is fun because I was asked to find an alternative to a VOIP solution that’s currently in use, and VOIP is classically much cheaper than traditional switched networks (though not mature and plagued with QOS issues). Took 3 weeks to get that, and it’s $.009 better than the VOIP. At 690,000 minutes, that actually means a little. What it means in reality though;


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