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Well, I haven’t seen Cradle 2 the Grave yet, but have heard similar things; that it’s pretty much generic action movie.

Kiss of the Dragon was maybe a little too dark for Jet, and The One was cool in that you could see different fighting styles pretty clearly, but again the actual story kinda sucked. Many of his HK movies also sucked, by the way; it’s just that we tend to remember the good ones. Still, he’s had a higher percentage of good movies than say Jackie Chan (I swear half of Jackie’s movies, especially the 70s and 80s ones, totally blew).

The thing I’ve noticed about all Jet’s movies so far… he’s totally prudish. Have we seen even one on-screen kiss? He doesn’t get it on with Bridget Fonda, his wife dies in The One, Aaliyah and him also don’t end up together. It’s like he’s afraid to “cheat” on his real-life wife or something… And as soon as he got to the US, it seems like his one emotion is grim resolution. I suppose his care-free days of Fong Sai-yuk are over (he’s probably too old to be depicting an innocent laid-back guy), but he’s got to be able to act more than just stoic hero.

A great website on Jet Li, by the way, is his official Jet Li website.

In gaming news, I played the Freelancer demo recently. Pretty fun, but not sure it’s deep enough for me to want to buy it. Maaaybe multiplayer would be cool… I’ve gotten my hands on Master of Orion 3 and Command and Conquer: Generals and will check those out soon, maybe with Ben. I hope to get Splinter Cell and Sim City 4 soon too. Too many games, too little money, too little time. If any of you get the chance, Hitman 2 is an excellent game.

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