George’s Chang’s Celebration

Yay for George!

Here’s the photos I took when we went out on the 9th to Chang’s.

We went to the Chang’s on 99E. How far is it? When you start to think you must’ve passed it and should turn around, keep going about another mile. It’s on the right.

Mark, George, Colin, Diana, Robin. Note, I am the only one sticking with the traditional root beer. How pitiful.

Mark’s standard bowl except with mushrooms and brocolli since it was dinner and they had the fancy stuff out!

Mark’s spinach dish. The spinach takes up way too much space in your regular bowl pre-cooked. Perfect to make a nice side dish. Just add garlic, salt water, and oil.

The dinners at Chang’s feature questionable fish. George’s dish smelled extremely foul, he couldn’t eat it, but the waitress was cool and said to not worry about it and took it away.

George is happy with his next bowl (third and last, btw–the George of old is as faded as the Chang’s of old).

The ladies! Chang’s, I always thought, was more of a guy thing. I mean, how many women try to eat four bowls?

Colin and George had me pour some of my root beer into their ice creams. Nice memories, but again, if they were going to do it right, it’d be full glass of float.

Final verdict? While I don’t want to go every week again, I do sometimes still get that Chang’s craving and when I have it, man does it hit the spot!

Perhaps it’s fitting that the Chang’s outing experience be superceded by this awesome sign. Whenever you all are in town again, we’ll go to Chang’s, but we’ll also go to a ton of other great restaurants which we’ve discovered since our Chang’s days.


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