Sam and Max Informer round

Greetings, intrepid Informer players! This round will be from an episodic computer game featuring our lovable freelance police, Sam and Max!

Starting us off is an example of the kind of quick dialog humor from Sam and Max. Taken from season 1, episode 5, "Reality 2.0", this happens after the player clicks on the stand of Prune Nuts boxes found in the local corner store, Bosco's Inconvenience:

Sam: "Prune Nuts."
Max: *laughs* [lengthily]
Max: Oh, sorry, I was thinking about something else.

Submissions should be in the form of dialog, as above, but to help you get a sense of what the game is like, here're the visuals:

Now here is the Informer selection from season 1, episode 6, "Bright Side of the Moon". Write dialog for what happens when the player clicks on the coffee machine, also found in Bosco's Inconvenience. Here's the visual cue:

Here are the submissions!

1. Written by Sam. Grey liked the nod to Bosco, but ultimately didn't understand the joke. 0 points.
Sam: Wait, that's unleaded.
Max: Of course it is - there's only one line.
Bosco: Maaaaan, de 'Hot-o-Flo' comp'ny cain't do kerning fo' heck, neither.
[All laugh uproariously as bullet from unseen shooter splits coffee pot.]

2. Written by Ari. John voted as real. 1 point.
Sam: Coffee.
Max: Plus nachos and prune nuts we now have the bowel-clearing trifecta!
Sam: I can't take you anywhere, can I...

3. Written by Grey. Ted voted as favorite. 0.2 points.
Sam: The coffee is still green and St. Patrick's Day was three months ago.
Max: Oooh, the memories. The brightly-blazing parade floats, the screaming nuns, the roasting leprechauns...
Sam: Ah, Max, you sentimental little firebug.

4. Written by Ted. Grey voted as real. Sam voted as actual. 2 points.
Sam: Wait, this isn't coffee!
Max: Drink a cup!
Sam: It's not moving.
Max: Get a spoon, then!

5. Written by Grey. Robin voted as liked. 0.1 point.
Sam: It's "Coffee-lint Green" -- the coffee made from people(R)
Max: Dryer lint and green dye number three!
Max: You monsters!

6. Written by TellTale Games. Sam voted as favorite. 1 point.
Sam: That coffee takes me back to that time we were in France... behind enemy lines, crawling through miles of neck-deep black sludge.
Max: And what was the name of that enemy interrogator?
Together: Jean-luc!

7. Written by Grey. Ari voted as actual. 0.2 points.
Sam: "Hot Java." There are at least two things wrong with that sign.

8. Written by Grey.
Sam: It's coffee, from Greenland.
Max: Ah, I thought I recognized that rank fishy aroma.

9. Written by John. Grey voted as favorite. 1 point.
Sam: "Hot Java?"
Max: What'd you expect, a frappachino?

10. Written by Grey. Ted voted as actual. Ari voted as favorite. John voted as actual. 0.6 points.
Sam: This coffee pot is equal parts pot and coffee.
Max: A drug reference, Sam? Have we stopped being wholesome family entertainment?
Sam: I hate to break it to you, little buddy, but you never were.

Sam: 0 (no votes) + 1 (favorite) = 1 point
Ari: 1 (John-real) = 1 point
Grey: 0.2 (Ted-favorite) + 0.1 (Robin-liked) + 0.2 (Ari-actual) + 0.6 (Ted-actual, Ari-favorite, John-actual) = 1.1 points
Ted: 2 (Grey-real, Sam-actual) = 2 points
Mark (TT Games): 1 (Sam-favorite) = 1 point
John: 1 (Grey-favorite) = 1 point

Okay, I don't remember exactly how points work. Does the runner of the round get points for when the real one gets chosen or only if the real one isn't chosen? But, actually, the real one got voted as favorite not actual, so what do we do then? Anyway, I thought what I did made sense. Grey submitted 6 responses, unsure of which were original and which were ones he'd seen in the game. Only one of those resembled what was in a previous episode of the game, so I only included 5 of his responses. I decided that 0.2 points would be awarded for anyone that chose his, but maybe this should be lower... Also, John voted for a real and an actual. I figure, we all basically have two points to spend no matter what label they have... :)

Here's the real continuation as screenshots: